Site Index

This web site began in 2001 when it seemed like a good idea at the time. Pages have accumulated as interests came and went. Here is a list to try to make some order out of the collection.

  1. Veronica's Sheet Music Collection
  2. Peter's Minis -
  3. Family photos
  4. Home Education and Teaching resources, ideas, recommended reading and things like that. Lots of book reviews.
  5. Brandt Family Garb Guide
  6. Crochet a Thurible -- a safety thurible for the aspiring thurifer.
  7. Knit some shepherds inspired by Jean Greenhowe's cute dolls.
  8. Opustex installation and usage.
  9. Mastitis and all that my inexpert advice on mastitis and its complications.
  10. Fabiola - the first few chapters online. Also available as
  11. Australian TeX Gathering or rather a form for expressions of interest in forming one