Brandt Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you got this website? Mostly because Veronica likes making websites. The prospect of leaving behind all that Computer Science geekery seemed too much so she brought this piece along with her. Also the delusion that a website can make you rich and famous. We can always hope...

How many children do you have now? Four.

Are they all boys? Yes.

Are you going to have more? God knows. We live in hope.

For Peter

Have you got enough to be getting on with? Yes.

For Veronica

You've got your hands full! Okay this isn't a question, but its certainly frequent. My favourite comeback is "That's nothing, you should see my heart!" Someone else thought of that.

What did you do at Uni? Electrical Engineering.

Do many girls do Engineering? No. When I was studying I was told it was about 10% female.