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Pilgrim's Primer 2007


Here are the editions I have available for download. The lyrics for Help of Christians by James McAuley are protected by copyright, so I have removed them from the pdfs below. Also Fr. Quinn's Sing All Creation. These are easily reinserted for printing purposes once dues are paid to the relevant copyright holders.

Structure of the Primer

This is a major change to implement. Rearranging the book according to Friday, Saturday, Sunday chapters makes the Mass for Sts Simon and Jude an orphan chapter. Another thought is to add more details specific to the Christus Rex Pilgrimage - but as I've never been this may be better done by someone else.

I don't have a copy of the original at the moment. Preface, rules, luggage, first aid, banners, Map Preface by Fr. Wong, Info, Plenary Indulgence, Map Preface by Fr. Wong, Contents, Introduction
? Friday: Blessing of pilgrims, Mass of the Holy Cross Prayer: Blessing of pilgrims, Daily Prayers, Rosary, Penance, Prayers for the Dead, Benediction, Arrival at the Cathedral Friday:
Saturday: Mass of Our Lady, Prayers for the Dead Propers: Votive masses of the Holy Cross and BVM, Mass of Sts Simon and Jude, Mass of Christ the King Saturday:
Sunday: Benediction, Arrival at the Cathedral, Mass of Christ the King Sunday:
Mass Mass Mass
Prayers: Angelus, Grace, Rosary, Penance
Ordinaries Kyriale
Music Music

To Do

Once we know how many copies (300?):


March 2007: took out relevant copyright hymns and fixed up the downloadable editions. Still looking at how to bundle up source files. Still no news on anyone to take over the books. The drop caps are in Harold's King Xmas in the 2006 primer.

February 2007: While making up the new New Book of Old Hymns I thought I'd better link this page to the main music page. This is the biggest work I've tackled and its not quite satisfactorily finished yet. The problem with making this page public is the permission for Help of Christians and Sing All Creation.

July 2006: Found a fancy drop cap font King Xmas like the old lombard style initials so richly illuminated in medieval manuscripts. Similar to that of the Liber Usualis. I haven't added this version to the web page yet, each change takes a good hour to upload during the wee small hours. Yes, I'm still on dial-up, no, I don't plan to change. I'm also partial to Paul Lloyd's font Priory that I've used in the New Book of Old Hymns. There's two Goudy Lombardic fonts that could be used, but one is shareware and the other is Adobe.

June 2006: Stressed out about juggling this with family commitments and quit this.

May 2006: A professional proof reader went through the book and his ammendments have been gone through. Karolina's copy of the primer arrived and her annotations are being applied. Many more typos in the chant of the Kyriale were systematically hunted down and exterminated.

Fixed many more typos and the algorithms for hyphenation and line breaking (sounds impressive, doesn't it?)

17th March 2006: Ammended typos from Mr. Lyon's draft copy.

11th Oct 2005: More page breaking - found that most of the hymns section and onward had been set to small font, so changed that back, page breaking as I went. I think it's finally ready.

8th Oct 2005: Typed up Litany St Joseph, Page breaking through the Hymns section. Getting the polyphony to lie on facing pages, added Psalm 102 for after Confession(to help Day of Wrath go on facing pages).

6th Oct 2005: Rearranged entire Music chapter into something like Alphabetical order. Maybe keep rounds separate. Going back to original primer divisions : Litanies, Motets, Hymns (with chant rolled in all in A-Z order), Rounds, Songs. Fixed up the Litany of Saints. More page breaking. Extra verses for Communios. More Gloria Patris for the Propers. More of Hugh Henry's music in (Lauda Jerusalem, Laudate Nomen, Glory be to Jesus, Anima Christi, Mozart's Ave Verum, O Sanctissima)

5th Oct 2005: Added in Fr. Wong's preface. Started page breaking the Prayer section.

22nd Sept 2005: Added Mass XI (Orbis Factor), Added Antiphon and Psalm to the Blessing of Pilgrims Staves and scrips Used a slightly larger font for the Consecration at the beginning of the pilgrimage and the hymn Holy God. Changed pictures around - added some new ones. Added in Hugh Henry's four part Dies Irae.

5th Sept 2005: Lots of changes to the Order of the Mass, changed typeface from Computer Modern Roman to Times,

1st Sept 2005: Re ordered the booklet, moving away from FRi, Sat, Sun.

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